Me, the Customer and I is a design agency that acts with to create for your customer and enable business growth.

How we do it



"Any fool can listen, the point is to understand" - At MCI we live by this quote. We use a variety of techniques to gain a holistic understanding of a landscape to enable sincere empathy toward the customer.



We map out the existing journey as it is today, and guided by research we map what it should be tomorrow. This enables deep investigation, understanding and clarity of what is happening across the customer journey, front stage and backstage.



Research + Mapping = Transformation! Using insights from the research and gaps highlighted in the experience mapping, we create a clear and actionable roadmap to address the challenge and bring joy to your customer.


What We Offer

Our research spans from ethnographic studies (think roleplaying with your employees), interviewing customers to the more classic usability testing. What all these methodologies have in common is the desire to deeply understand human behaviour, pains, needs and motivations.

Our philosophy is to conduct real-life experiments and ensure we garner unbiased insight, so that the truth can inform decisions and manage risk. We understand how fast the world moves, so we take a pragmatic approach to research so that you can move as fast as your customer's whims.

We cannot be all things to all people. Having clarity on who your customers truly are and what they need from your business enables you to make informed decisions.

We use the right mix of qualitative and quantitative methods, combined with industry standards to profile your customers, and to articulate their needs and behaviours so we are set up for success.

The success of any business is based on having a product or service that brings value to the life of the end consumer, who in turn will bring revenue to your business - win win.

The value proposition design methodology uses research to map your offer to a set of holistic requirements and help you create the right product market fit to grow and support your business

Before diving right into the tactical realms of your business, it can often be more effective to gain a holistic understanding of human behaviour and attitudes. This enables us to visually identify strategic opportunities within the context of your business sector.

We use this method to investigate the consumer experience when completing a journey agnostic of your brand specifics e.g. the way a consumer buys a pair of shoes.

We use this methodology to blueprint the specific consumer experience when completing a journey from your brand eg. the way a consumer buys a pair of shoes from Me the Customer & I

This activity dives into the minutia of the journey through the lens of the consumer, what's happening front stage (think your website or in store experience) and backstage (think operations or people).

Experience Design in today’s world is a multi-faceted, detailed and complex activity. Sometimes you might need additional help; this can be a temporary skill set missing from your team, support to hit a deadline or fresh eyes to gain a new perspective.

We start by understanding the challenges and opportunities through evaluation and testing. Once we understand the landscape, we choose the appropriate approach to address the problem (think wireframes, personas, blueprints) and support your organisation in implementation.

In a world that is saturated in content, it is important that your message is heard. Our philosophy on Content Strategy is to create the structural design of your content, define strategic intent of your story and map it to the customer needs to ensure maximum engagement and drive conversion.

By understanding the behaviour and attitudes of a customer at any given point on their journey, you can find the most impactful moment to share your content and engage your customer

The expectation of the customer has never been higher, how can you be global but locally relevant, across every channel but with the right tone of voice?

We use customer feedback and team insights to define a relevant service offer to your client. From there we help you create the strategy and execution plan to achieve this.


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